Friday, March 18, 2022

Student Review #2: March 12, 2022 Concert

We asked some of our fabulous Lawrence University students to join us at the March 12 concert and share their thoughts. Our next reviewer is Kathryn Williams. Thank you, Kathryn! 

It was simply a refreshing and fun experience watching the Fox Valley Symphony. I loved looking through the program and seeing so many familiar names playing in the orchestra while excitedly searching and pointing them out to friends. 

It is amazing how the Fox Valley Symphony is able to bring all different parts of the community together on stage, including music and non-music staff at Lawrence, our local luthier, family members of friends, and my former theory professor! 

I just wish I was standing at the right place post-concert to say hello to more members! I love how we were able to hear from concertmaster Yulia Smead talk about her own experiences at the pre-concert talk, 

I hope that there will be more opportunities to hear from other members because the diverse musical backgrounds of individuals is something that makes the Fox Valley Symphony so special.

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